Sustainable Agriculture.

At present more than six million people in South Sudan struggle to find enough to eat. Additionally, more than one million children are suffering from malnutrition. The situation however is not caused by a lack of available resources. The soil is well suited for growing and the rivers are abundant for fishing. Despite these realities, basic commodities are still heavily imported from neighboring countries. As a nation, we have to acknowledge that we have not done a good job of providing for ourselves.

SMARD’s Food Security and Livelihood Program is designed to address this situation by empowering South Sudanese to provide for themselves through a thoughtful and strategic approach to harvesting our countries own resources. Growers are resourced with tools and agricultural skills training to improve the production and sale of their products. Fishermen and cattle farmers are taught to maximize their returns through marketing their products through established cooperatives between neighboring counties.

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SMARD believes that the moral base of servant leadership is the desire to serve. We lead by investing our lives in the service of the disadvantaged. Out of a spirit of friendship, humility and mutual respect, we enjoy the satisfaction that comes from selfless service.